Trymax® NEO Series

The NEO Series is one of the latest additions to the industry leading advanced plasma ashing and etching products from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment.

It is ready for high volume of production and can be configured with any of the current available Trymax NEO process modules, from 100 to 300mm wafer sizes. Small footprint and modular design can be configured based on Trymax products line.

Specifications summary

  • One to four process chambers
  • From 100 to 300mm wafers size
  • Mechanical throughput from 100 to 300WPH (model dependent)
  • Compact footprint

Atmospheric transfer module (EFEM)

  • One to four SMIF load-ports
  • Dual arm robot handling

Process characteristics

  • High Etch/Strip/Descum rates
  • Multiple technologies for microwave (2.45GHz), RF (13.56MHz) and Dual Source Technologies
  • Front-end, Back-end, MEMS, SAW/BAW Filter and Advanced Packaging Applications

Sold and serviced in North America exclusively by Plasma-Therm



NEO 200A Series

NEO 2000 Series

NEO 3400 Series

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