Singulator® models MDS-100 and MDS-300

Plasma Dicing

On-tape plasma-based die singulation is a novel approach to die separation. It allows complete dicing of any thickness wafers, especially thin and ultra-thin, on industry-standard tape frames after grinding.

The key to plasma dicing is the process selectivity, and handling and maintaining complete integrity of metal or plastic tape frames in a vacuum plasma-based reactor.

Frame and wafer size compatibility

  • Singulator® platform accepts-industry standard dicing tapes and choice of conventional plastic or metal tape frames.
  • Use of 8-inch frame accommodates wafers and pieces up to 8-inch diameter, allowing for continuous operation with no need for automation recalibration.

Simple process-flow integration

  • Plasma dicing is done from the front side of wafers after backside grinding in case of thin and ultra thin wafers, maintaining the simple process flow used with saw dicing.
  • Tape and frame integrity after plasma dicing allows for direct use of grip ring for tape expansion and pick-and-place operation with no additional steps.
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