Handler Upgrade for VERSALINE®

Handler Upgrade for VERSALINE®

This upgrade is designed for VERSALINE systems configured with a cassette-to-cassette handler, sold until 2008 by Unaxis/Oerlikon under the name “Sidewinder” / VCx-100).

  • OEM model handler, four-sided transport module, single-cassette load module
  • Automated control of the handler through a Berkeley programmable controller.
  • Slave control of robotic components

The following key automation components of the original handler cannot be replaced in the event of failure:

  • Berkeley Process Controller (BXi)
  • 3-Axis Robot (4.5S)
  • Vacuum Elevator (48S)

To resolve these issues, Plasma-Therm has developed the VCx-series Handler Upgrade. The upgrade provides the following benefits:

  • Replaces obsolete components, extending useful life of production equipment.
  • Assures continued availability of spare parts.
  • Includes robotics with high MTBF and tighter specifications.
  • Fully multi-chamber compatible.
  • Includes “Jog and Teach” feature and improved troubleshooting and logging.


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