Technology for thin film heads and patterned media

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Data Storage

The continual growth of media and information transfer has led to a steady growth of data storage capacity. Hard disc drives, portable memory devices, mobile phones and media players are fueling this demand.

Plasma-Therm has participated in the data storage market for nearly 15 years and has provided working solutions that have grown along with the industry. As a result, Plasma-Therm has the largest installed base of etch and PECVD process equipment within the industry. Recently, Plasma-Therm has begun taking advantage of its experience in the photomask etching market to demonstrate high CD uniformity control on 200mm wafers.

Reproducibility in a production environment is provided with Plasma-Therm’s actively controlled ICP heated process module and an integrated endpoint system. The endpoint system, known as EndpointWorks, is capable of working with laser interferometry, optical emission spectroscopy and other inputs.

Typical applications

  • SiC with high etch rate and extended maintenance intervals
  • Pole tip definition with high aspect ratio profile control
  • Alumina etch with high etch rate and profile control
  • BARC etch with high CD control
  • Oxide deposition at low temp to provide high density, high quality films and trench fill using HDPCVD
  • PECVD—low CoO, hard mask applications
  • Nano-imprint templates for patterned media
  • Metal etching (e.g Cr, Ta, TiW)



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