Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Technology For Etching

High etch rates, process flexibility and reduced ion bombardment

ICP technology gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control for your etching processes.  ICP produces a type of plasma source in which electric currents supply the energy that is produced by magnetic fields. The addition of an ICP RF power source connected to the cathode attracts ions directly to the wafer. This delivers you more plasma coverage and more capabilities. The result is higher plasma density, more control, less damage, and higher etch rates. 

At Plasma-Therm, we can couple our ICP technology with our RIE, DSE™, and DRIE etching processes to bring you maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Plasma Etching

Materials are etched using a chemically reactive plasma under low pressure conditions, potentially combined with ion-induced etching.

ICP Choices

Choose from two ICP reactor design approaches to build your ICP etch system: a planar ICP source, or a cylindrical ICP source.

Highly Tunable

Etch conditions can be adjusted and optimized by tuning the settings of many process parameters such as RF power, pressure, and gas flows.

No Damage

Due to the absence of an electric field near the reactor walls there is virtually no ion bombardment or wall erosion.



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