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The wireless market, dominated by compound semiconductor materials, is primarily comprised of power amplifier transistors (heterojunction bipolar transistors) and high-speed switches (high electron mobility transistors). This market continues to grow as the demand for cellular handsets continues to increase.

Using Inductively Couple Plasma (ICP) technology and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), Plasma-Therm has etch and deposition technology for the full range of compound semiconductor materials used in devices for the wireless market.

As a market leader, Plasma-Therm has provided solutions for R&D through high volume manufacturing. Among the array of processes to produce HBTs and HEMTs are low damage gate opening, high-rate backside via etching and low-stress silicon nitride deposition.

Reproducibility for a production environment is provided with Plasma-Therm’s actively controlled ICP heated process module and an integrated endpoint system. The endpoint system, known as EndpointWorks™, is capable of working with laser interferometry, optical emission spectroscopy and other inputs.

Typical applications

• Etch

  • GaAs via — high rate with profile control.
  • InP via — high rate with profile control
  • GaAs-based mesa etching
  • SiNx low-damage gate etching

Low-damage SiNx gate opening is accomplished with low-power processes appropriate for damage-sensitive compound semiconductors such as GaAs and InGaAs.

The fastest backside via etch rate with profile control is available with the VERSALINE. Electrostatic clamping of unmetallized sapphire carriers provides the advantage of better thermal performance with minimal edge exclusion. Plasma-Therm leads the development of pillar-free vias.

• Deposition — low-stress, low-damage PECVD of SiNx

  • Capacitors
  • Encapsulation
  • Passivation
  • Interlayer dielectric

With Plasma-Therm’s advanced PECVD helium dilution technology, stress-controlled silicon nitride films can be deposited without the device damage associated with the use of low frequency.

• Wafer Singulation



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