Plasma-Therm® has been an innovator in plasma-processing technologies, enabling the human experience since 1974. 

At Plasma-Therm, we’ve been innovating plasma processing technologies since 1974.

We design and build easy-to-use wafer processing platforms for standard and advanced processes used in microelectronics manufacturing and R&D applications. Our platforms are the centerpiece of our application solutions and cover a wide variety of process steps including etch, deposition, material modification, and die singulation. In addition, our platforms are configurable to help you get the equipment and features you need.

Since the very beginning, we’ve focused on developing plasma-based technologies and equipment processing tools that deliver excellent value. That is our calling card. We grew organically through acquisitions and strategic partnerships so we could offer broader solutions. Today, we are a solid, reliable, and trusted partner. From 300mm on down the line, you get proven system solutions at a competitive price/value equation, with process knowledge and service attention that will exceed your expectations.


– 1974

Plasma-Therm founded 

Plasma-Therm Logo

– 1977

Plasma etch system introduced

– 1979

PECVD system

– 1984

World’s first single-wafer production metal etcher in-line system

– 1992

High volume GaAs via etching for HBT production

– 1995

Versalock®: cluster tool

Versalock®: Cluster tool

– 1996

High Density Plasma Etch technology

– 2000

Acquisition by Swiss holding company Unaxis (later named Oerlikon)

Unaxis Logo

– 2005

VERSALINE®: plasma system

– 2006

– Mask Etcher® V: for production below 32 nm

– 2009

Management buyout re-established Plasma-Therm

Plasma-Therm Logo

– 2011

Plasma-Therm acquires Advanced Vacuum Europe

Advanced Vacuum Logo

– 2013

Singulator® 300mm system

– 2016

Acquired High Density Radical Flux technology from Nanoplas

– 2016

Acquired ion beam systems manufacturer Nano Etch Systems

– 2016

DISCO Corp. signs global distribution agreement for Plasma-Therm’s plasma dicing technology


– 2017

Plasma-Therm partners with memsstar to offer complete solutions for MEMS fabrication

memsstar Logo

– 2018

Acquired KOBUS products with F.A.S.T®-CVD (Fast Atomic Sequential Technology)

– 2018

Acquired CORIAL – a France-based plasma processing equipment supplier

– 2020

Acquired specialty engineering company, JLS Designs Ltd

JLS Designs Logo

– 2020

Opened Plasma-Therm UK
Specialty Process Equipment Group

– 2020

Opened Plasma-Therm Singapore Process and Technical Support

– 2020

Acquired OEM Group Dry Process Business

OEM Group Logo

Meet our executive team

These knowledgeable industry veterans collectively contribute >100 years of experience to process innovation.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified by NQA


2023 TechInsights Customer Satisfaction Survey


Passion and Purpose

Our total-solutions approach to equipment, processes, and outcomes is at the peak of performance, ease of use, repeatability, and reliability.

It’s a Team Effort

We know your needs may vary from the needs of others. That’s why we’re always ready to tailor your tools and process to your specifications. Some call this service. We call it teamwork.

Designed for Maximum Performance

Because you deserve the best performance possible, we continually improve our plasma-based process systems to exceed your expectations.

Results Measured by Your Experience

We trust that our teams and technologies will ensure you get the results you’re after. At the end of the day, we don’t define our results, you do.

We continuously evolve our plasma-based systems and solutions to match the changing needs of manufacturing and R&D environments. Today, the emerging markets for microelectronic technologies include 5G, power devices, sensors, photonics, renewable energy, AR/VR, data storage, analytics, and more. Our solutions work across the board to support the activation of these new technologies that are changing our lives. No matter which part of the ecosystem you work in, rest assured we can support your central manufacturing or R&D efforts. You can count on us to help you reach your process, yield, and capacity goals. Together, we’ll drive the progress of leading technologies that enhance the lives of people around the world.

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