Odyssey HDRF™

Our Odyssey HDRF offers efficient, scalable lab-to-fab configurations for resist stripping, polymer removal, sacrificial film etching, and surface modification. 

Downstream processing with unique distributed ICP sources avoids ion-related device damage. Available configurations range from a single chamber with manual loading to dual load port/dual process chambers to cluster system arrangements on a VERSALINE® handler. A single-process chamber Odyssey HDRF can be upgraded at any time to a dual-process chamber. Dual-chamber systems can be configured for single-sided processing or sequential dual-sided processing. All Odyssey HDRF systems are built with highly reliable components to achieve system uptime of greater than 92%.

  • Low temp O2 or F-based processing
  • PR stripping
  • Bosch polymer removal
  • Surface modification
  • Stiction-free sacrificial film etching
  • Stand-alone configuration with atmospheric transfer module with fan filtered loading zone
  • One or two load ports (cassette or SMIF)
  • Wide processing temperature range, from 50°C to 250°C
  • Accommodates up to 200mm substrates
  • Multiple 13.56 MHz distributed ICP source
  • Hard-anodized aluminum chamber
  • Four standard gas lines with one optional additional line 
  • Integrated hybrid (dry/turbo) vacuum pump
  • Integrated optical emission spectroscopy endpoint system

The Cortex® control system provides a stable, user-friendly control interface designed for efficiency and productivity. Cortex benefits include:

  • Graphical, SEMI-standard (E-95) interface
  • Comprehensive recipe editing and process parameter data logging and charting (real-time and post-processing)
  • Automated clean and conditioning routines with configurable triggers
  • Factory automation host interface (with optional SECS/GEM license)
  • User-level access control 
  • Auto logging of alarms, jobs, calibration, and resource usage
  • Integrated with GLANCE™ data logging and visualization tool
  • Same feature-rich control system as used on high-volume production systems


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