IBE Marathon™ Grids



Long-life, 3-Grid ion optics.

Operating Range

Maximum current determined by grid aperture size selection and beam voltage selection.

Grid aperture size

12 in.


More than 2 times longer than competing grids.


150 mm wafer, 200 mm wafer and up to 9.5-inch pallet.

IBE Marathon Grids

Marathon™ IBE Grids have a proven performance and reliability track record in volume production.

Marathon™ Ion Beam Etch Grids are the result of applying advanced principles of ion beam plasma theory to robust thermal-mechanical design. The grids are extremely stable over the operating range and provide excellent matching between grid sets.

Marathon™ IBE grids have the longest life and lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Through careful design and tolerancing, Marathon™ grids perform consistently from beginning to end of life. Highly stable grid-to-grid alignment minimizes grid plate erosion and contamination, providing stable and repeatable IBE processing. Their proven lifespan is two to three times longer than the nearest competitor in high-volume manufacturing.

Plasma-Therm can retrofit Marathon™ grid assemblies to existing legacy IBE sources. Retrofits includes source stabilization upgrades.

Source upgrades with grid retrofits

  • Upgrade source mounting rods for improved mechanical stability.
  • Upgrade RF coil position fingers for improved RF plasma repeatability.
  • Optional single-piece quartz plasma containment vessel eliminates plasma leaks, thereby enhancing uniformity and eliminating extended troubleshooting downtime.

Grid Rebuild Service

  • Level 1: Clean and replace hardware as needed. Complete metrology report
  • Level 2: Clean and anneal plates, clean re-used hardware. Replace consumable hardware. Complete metrology report.
  • Level 3: New grid plates, clean re-used hardware. Replace consumable hardware. Complete metrology report.

Process advantages

  • Excellent uniformity
  • High Grid-to-Grid repeatability
  • High process repeatability wafer to wafer

Certified Pre-Owned Products

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