Marathon™ Stand-Alone IBE Source



Long-life, 3-Grid ion optics

Operating Range

75 eV to 900 eV

Grid Aperture Size

12 in., with uniformity over 200 mm wafers and up to 9.5 in. pallet sizes.

Other Features

Integrated with data logging capability.

High-speed communication for fast source stabilization.

Marathon Stand-Alone IBE Source

Plasma-Therm’s Marathon IBE stand-alone source is a complete solution for integration onto existing chambers. The source includes all necessary source and grid hardware, software, gas distribution source, grid control rack, and gas and grids required to operate as a stand-alone source, or to be integrated seamlessly with the host system.

The stand-alone IBE source includes a full control rack with a server-class computer running Plasma-Therm source control software. The software has an easy-to-use graphical interface with recipe, data logging, and SECS/GEM capabilities, and can interface with the host system.

Plasma-Therm’s IBE source is the result of applying advanced principles of ion beam plasma theory with robust thermal/mechanical design. The ion source is extremely stable over the operating range and provides excellent tool-to-tool matching.

The combination of Plasma-Therm Marathon source and grids results in the longest grid life and lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Through careful design and tolerancing, the grids perform consistently from beginning to end of life.

Plasma-Therm’s Marathon IBE source meets the needs of stable and repeatable IBE process with low maintenance, long life etch source and grids that are proven to provide two to three times longer life than their nearest competitors in high-volume manufacturing.

The grid assembly incorporates innovative features to maintain etch uniformity over the long life of the grids.  These features enable highly stable grid-to-grid alignment to eliminate grid plate erosion and contamination.  Source life is enhanced by elimination of source arcing and RF shunting (patent pending).

Plasma-Therm Marathon IBE source and grids have a proven performance and reliability track record in volume production. A dual PBN option is available for extending the service interval.

Process advantages

  • Excellent uniformity.
  • High process repeatability wafer-to-wafer.
  • High grid-to-grid repeatability.

RF ICP Ion Source

  • 2 MHz ICP RF and matching network for efficient coupling of power to the plasma.
  • Wide operation range spanning < 75 eV to over 1000 eV.
  • Single-piece quartz plasma containment vessel eliminates plasma leaks.
  • Gas distribution nozzle.
  • Stable RF coupling through “Plasma Breaker” RF redistribution shunt elimination.
  • Leak-proof interface between quartz cylinder and grid quartz ring.
  • Stable alignment of the RF coil structure.
  • Neutralizer: Hollow cathode PBN. Optional dual PBN for extended service interval.
  • Gas box with digital MFCs with filtered gas lines.
  • Utility box containing source water flow controls and SMC I/O control module for MFC.


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