Marathon™ Stand-Alone IBD Source



Long-life, 3-Grid ion optics

Operating Range

300 eV to 1500 eV, 100 mA to 500 mA (maximum current determined by grid aperture size and beam voltage selection).

Grid Focal Point

24 in.

Grid Aperture Size

4.5 in., 6 in., and optional 7 in. for 33 percent higher beam current and deposition rates.

Other Features

Integrated with data logging capability.

High-speed communication for fast source stabilization.

Marathon Stand-Alone IBD Source

Plasma-Therm’s Marathon™ IBD stand-alone source is a complete upgrade solution for existing chambers. The source package includes all necessary source and grid hardware, software, gas distribution source, source and grid control rack with power supplies required to operate as a stand-alone source, or to be integrated with the host system.

The stand-alone IBD source includes a full control rack with a server-class computer running Plasma-Therm control software. The software interface is an easy-to-use graphical program with recipe, data logging, and SECS/GEM capabilities, and can interface with the host system.

Plasma-Therm’s Marathon™ IBD stand-alone source meets the needs of stable and repeatable deposition processing with low maintenance, long-life deposition source and grids. The deposition grids have proven to last two to three times longer than competitors’ grids for metal or dielectric deposition in high-volume manufacturing.

The dished deposition grid assembly incorporates innovative features to maintain deposition beam focus on the deposition target over the life of the grids. These features enable highly stable grid-to-grid alignment to eliminate grid plate erosion and contamination. Source life is enhanced by elimination of source arcing and RF shunting (patent pending).

Plasma-Therm Ion Beam Deposition Source and Grids have a proven performance and reliability track record in volume production. An optional grid aperture size of 7 in. is available to increase the beam current and deposition rate by 33%. A dual PBN option is available to extend service life. A powered anode option is available to extend the service life and improve source stability when depositing dielectric materials.

Process advantages

  • High stability in metal and dielectric processes.
  • 33 percent higher deposition rates with optional 7-in. grids.
  • High process repeatability wafer-to-wafer.
  • High grid-to-grid repeatability.


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