Singulator® 300 Repeat Order from United Test & Assembly Center, LTD, Singapore

Singulator® 300 Repeat Order from United Test & Assembly Center, LTD, Singapore

Plasma Dicing for Advanced Packaging

May 29, 2024, Plasma-Therm LLC, a leading manufacturer of plasma-process equipment for the Silicon semiconductor, Compound semiconductor & Advanced Packaging markets, announced the sale of a Singulator® 300 Plasma Dicing system to United Test & Assembly (UTAC), Ltd. for their Advanced Packaging expansion at their Singapore facility. This repeat order will provide additional die singulation capacity to support UTAC’s growth.

The Singulator® 300 platform offers industry-leading plasma dicing on tape (PDOT) capabilities for wafer sizes up to 300mm in a flexible configuration ideally suited for high volume manufacturing and pilot line production requirements.

“Plasma-Therm is pleased to provide an additional Singulator® 300 capacity to the UTAC’s world leading Outsource Assembly & Test manufacturing facility.  We look forward to expanding our long-term collaboration with UTAC in the emerging Advanced Packaging space” says Plasma-Therms’ CEO Abdul Lateef.

“UTAC welcomes the expansion of Plasma Therm’s plasma dicing production capability at our Singapore facility.  The Singulator® 300 Plasma Dicing system will further enhance our advanced packaging die singulation technology and manufacturing capabilities,” states Dr. John Nelson, President and CEO at UTAC.

About Plasma-Therm

Plasma-Therm is a global manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment. Its tools and processes are used to support manufacturing needs in etch, deposition, rapid thermal processing, and plasma-dicing technologies. The company serves the semiconductor and compound semiconductor industries in developing solutions for the wireless, power device, MEMS, photonics, advanced packaging, and data storage markets. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Plasma-Therm meets the diverse needs of its customers with exceptional customer service. To learn more, visit

About UTAC Holdings Ltd

UTAC Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries (“UTAC”) are leading global providers of semiconductor test and assembly services, covering analog, mixed-signal, logic, image sensors, MEMS, and discretes. Headquartered in Singapore, serving fabless companies, integrated device manufacturers, and wafer foundries, UTAC operates production facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. Its extensive global presence is supported by a robust sales network with offices in the US, Europe, China and Taiwan, Japan, and the rest of Asia. To learn more, visit

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